Sep 10

Where In The World

By now, all club members should have the coveted Club Mug. If not, I am sure a fellow member would be happy to share one of theirs….just ask.

Now that we have depleted our supply of mugs, let’s find out where they found homes and have traveled. Share your pictures of the Mug from around the world on our Facebook page.

So get your cameras out and start taking pictures. Oh…and don’t forget to take your mug along on your next road trip. Happy travels.

May 28

Thank You

Happy Memorial Day

NPCC would like to thank all of those who gave their lives serving our country.

May 25

Club Business Cards

With cruising season in full swing, you will probably see many Corvette enthusiasts out and about. Be sure to advertise our club with the club business cards. Keep some in your Corvette. When someone inquires about your car or the club, give them one to remember us and find NPCC on the web. Cards are available at monthly meetings.

May 25

We’re on Facebook!

North Pittsburgh Corvette Club now has a Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account, visit our page at the below link and like us. Feel free to post comments, images from events or details of an upcoming event that might be of interest to club members.

Jan 21

2017 Club Meetings

The following is our club meeting schedule for 2017. Members are welcome to gather for dinner and camaraderie during these months.

April 19 – Board & Membership Meeting

May 17 – Board & Membership Meeting

June 21 – Board & Membership Meeting

July 19 – Board & Membership Meeting

August 16 – Board & Membership Meeting

September 20 – Board & Membership Meeting

October 18 – Board & Membership Meeting

November 15 – Annual Board & Membership Meeting

Apr 01

Four 2016 Colors on the Chopping Block

After discontinuing two of the 2016 Corvette colors, Chevrolet has decided to give two more colors the ax. Colors included in the “goodbye” list are Daytona Sunrise Orange, Laguna Blue, Night Race Blue, and Shark Grey.

For more details, visit

Apr 01

LEGO® Chevrolet Corvette Z06

LegoCorvetteLEGO® has introduced the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 to its Speed Champions line up. It comes complete with yellow – or for us Corvette people – Racing Yellow – car with interchangeable wheel trims, driver mini figure, TV camera, and wrench elements.

Check out today before they’re gone.


A brief article about the history and development of the Corvette. It includes links to a number of other great articles.

Corvette History

Jun 03

Elements of Sophistication – Corvette Inspired Jewelry


Corvette inspired custom jewelry. Sterling silver and Swarovski crystals are the backbone of their creations. There is something for everyone.

Visit their website at to view their collection.


Source: Elements of Sophistication, LLC vette inspired custom jewelry